We deliver various different services including programmes; see below the programmes that we offer and those that suit your needs and requirements.  


Throughout the school holidays including half-terms, end of terms and the summer we run our very own holiday sports courses. We offer fun, energetic and creative days of activities, games and competitions to occupy the kids for ages from 5-14. Our content varies from fun sessions to skills based exercises & game play. Click to view more


Love Football? Want to try something different? Something in the warm and dry, that involves a fast tempo and focuses on skills and technique in a skill based game... Why not try Futsal! We run a programme which teaches technique & skills, understanding of Futsal and how to play the game. Click to view more


A perfect way to learn, sustain and improve on position specific areas of the game. Open for all ages and ability and group sufficiently. In this programme we focus on the position of strikers; developing technique, skill, decision making and game play related practice.  Click to view more


Our Football Fitness programme is something slightly different and new! We combine hard work, football and fun to achieve results.  This programme is aimed at those in the game or those looking to back into the game; from time away to injury absence. Join our sessions to improve your football and your fitness.
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We have partnered up with Great-Save Goalkeeping Coaching to be able to provide goalkeeping coaching for all the budding or experienced goalkeepers out from children as young as 5 all the way through to adults. The programmes on offer cater for various needs and long term development and progression. 
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We offer 1-2-1 coaching sessions with our coaches in order to provide specific training to the individual in a tailored personalised development programme to those players. 
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