We are a dedicated sports company delivering a diverse range of sports provisions, providing our services in the form of coaching and facilitating development. We have varying formats of delivery from individual sports sessions, programmes, projects and events. 

Coach4U was formed in 2018, after unofficially running many holiday courses, football sessions and birthday parties.  Our aim to provide something distinct in order to make a difference, with Coach4U looking to deliver something new, something unique and something dynamic in a way that is in contrast to the majority of other sports company's or training centres.​​ 

Mission Statement >>

'Providing the opportunity of sports for all through our services to cater for genders, ages and abilities in order to develop and improve people and players to reach their maximum potential in both'.

Aims >>

1. To provide an alternative to all other sports and coaching organisation already in existence.  

2. To lead the way in development focused services, with the single focal point being around the individuals.  

3. Create an opportunity of something for all through sports provisions for both boys & girls, and all ages & abilities. 

Our various services include;
  • Position Specific Training
  • Football Fitness Sessions
  • Futsal Sessions
  • 1-2-1 Coaching
  • Goalkeeping 
  • Holiday Courses
  • Birthday Parties
  • Coach Mentoring
  • Club Holiday Courses
  • Club Coaching
  • Multi-Sports Sessions
  • Off-Season & Pre-Season Conditioning
For more information on any of the services we deliver, visit the individual page for a detailed breakdown of the content and booking information.

USP >>

We are different to many other organisation.. We are always looking for new ways to improve, change the what and the way we do things for the better and listen to our community and public to ensure we cater for the need and requirement in order to stand by our aims and objectives. We are different to the 'norm';  adapting to meet the needs of our customers, putting the players development first and creating equality in sports all of society.

© 2023 by Coach4u Ltd. 

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